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Green Lipped Mussels - For Cats, Dogs & Horses

Green Lipped Mussels - For Cats, Dogs & Horses

Can this powder really help your dogs walk again?

Studies show the addition of Green Lipped Mussel to animal diets have alleviated feline degenerative joint disease and arthritis symptoms & chronic orthopedic pain in dogs.

In horses, Green Lipped Mussel extracts decrease the severity of lameness and joint pain and provided improved range of motion.

Dose: 150mg per 10lbs of body weight daily, divided in meals.


Sources: via Planet Paws the Forever Dog Book


  1. Alexis Alexis

    I was interested in trying this product because it said in the description that it helps dogs and cats with hip dysplasia. I have a 2.5 year old Saint Bernard / Great pyrenees. She was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at a very young age.

    Ive had her on different hip and joint medications to try have her as comfortable as possible. She does pretty good unless you runs around to much. Her average is about 2.5 kms of running/walking freely.

    Ive had harper on this product for about three weeks and I’ve noticed she is way more lively. She seems to be more excited to go out and about and doesn’t take as long to recover from playing. The farthest harper has ran/walked freely is about 5.2kms on this product, without any whining or limping.

    I really think this product has helped harper be more of a dog. It has allowed her to swim more and play with her sister for much longer.

    This product does have a very strong fish smell. I added the powder to harpers food every night.

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