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Toxic Halloween Treats for Pets

Toxic Halloween Treats for Pets

It's hard to believe it's already that time of year when we hand out tons of candy to excited trick-or-treaters. It's exciting and a favorite time of year for many! However, there are some things we need to be cautious about. Especially when it comes to our pets and candy. Read on for more --->


Candy is never anything we should give our pets but there are a few kinds we need to be extra cautious about. 


1. Sugar Free Candy 

Sugar-free candies contain an ingredient called xylitol, which PetMD said can be very dangerous and even deadly for pets. This ranges from sugar free gum, to candy as well as even some types of peanut butter. 

"Pets don't have the ability to break down the sweetener," Wystrach said. "It has a very dramatic decline in their blood sugar and can cause seizures and deaths."

2. Raisins - Chocolate Covered or Not

"Raisins can be highly deadly to animals and cause some severe problems to kidney function," Wystrach said. "One or two raisins can be toxic."

3. Dark Chocolate

Finally, dark chocolate is on the list. You should never let your dog eat dark chocolate, according to Wystrach. 

"Bakers chocolate has the highest level of toxicity and then milk chocolate, to a lesser degree," she said.

But NO TYPE should be given regardless.  

If your dog or cat consumes any of these, Wystrach said you should call your veterinarian or urgent care immediately. Pet owners can also get help from the ASPCA or other pet poison control hotlines. 


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