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Fall Tips & Tricks

Fall  Tips & Tricks

Temperatures are dipping lower each day. Take a look at a few of our tips for keeping our pets cozy all fall long!

Water - Summers are hot, we always make sure our animals have fresh water to keep them hydrated. Making sure they have ample water is important for the cooler months too! As temperatures start to dip bowl can freeze, limiting the supply of water for our pets. Make sure to keep an eye on those bowls! Better yet, give yourself a peace of mind with a heated bowl. Water will always be accessible! 

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Beds - Cold floors or cold temperatures outside are better with a bed to cozy up in! Whether it is inside or out make sure to provide your animal with something to keep warm in this fall. Heated mats are an option for outside animals. They conveniently go under bedding and in pet houses. These durable mats keep our fury ones toasty even on the coldest nights. 

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Diet - Animals naturally use up more calories in the cooler months. Increasing their daily food intake may be needed. Make sure to check with your local veterinarian before doing so. 

Shedding - Oh glorious shedding! How we wish it only happened in the spring. Some dogs however, shed their coats again in fall while preparing for their new winter coats. Brushing daily can drastically reduce the amount of hair tumble weeds you see rolling around your house as well as keep their coats comfortable and knot free.

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Tick & Flea Prevention - Tick and flea season carries on into the fall until temperatures are to cold for them to thrive. Preventing these pests is easy and effective! Many vets suggest that tick and flea prevention is used yearly. 

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